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Apex Sigma was created to connect to as many API endpoints as possible to bring you large amounts of data you might possibly need. Wikipedia articles, reddit posts, funny cat videos from YouTube, tasty recipes, dictionary definition, both official and urban, anime data and loads more. Alongside a plethora of search capabilities, Sigma has intuitive moderation modules to help you organize, optimize, and control, your Discord server. To help your community liven up and grow while having fun, it also comes with numerous fun utilities, minigames and user interactions for your enjoyment.

You can invite Sigma to your server by clicking here and choosing which server to add her to.

The Creators

Monetary Contributions

Alex is a lazy community developer, he needs all the help he can get.

If you feel like helping out Sigma and Alex, please do consider supporting us on Patreon or by PayPal. It gets you on our cool Donor Page here! And thank you for your consideration~


All of Sigma's features and commands can be seen at her Website's command page here. And if you ever have question we strongly encourage you to drop by our official Discord server.


Sigma is an open source project and free software licensed under the GPLv3 license. This means that anybody can clone her repository and use her. The development module group helps those who host and run Sigma control her every aspect, which in turn means that this module is limited only to those who host and control Sigma.


The fun module group contains commands that you might simply find fun. They have no other use than to be interesting and enjoyable. Cat and dog images, random facts, comics, quotes, and the like.


This module specializes in functions related to games you might play. Such as Warframe market pricing checks and raid/trial statistics, Overwatch statistics, World of Warships profiles, Vindictus enchant scrolls and more.


The help module group is dedicated to providing information on how to use Sigma and her features. General help, command usage examples and descriptions, module listing and command listing within a chosen module.


Interactions are commands that are meant to help your community interact, get closer, have fun and mess around. Most provide a gif for the interaction you choose, like poking someone, shooting them, even licking them, people really love these for some reason, so there are a lot, not to mention you can add your own to our large database and contribute with the addreact command!


Okay so Sigma is a bot that boasts knowledge and statistical capabilities, right? Of course we'd have a module dedicated to mathematical operations that are fascinating. This module has the Wolfram Alpha command, text analysis, even user impersonation using Markov chains, and hashing of inputted data with a large number of methods.


Oh boy, everyone's favorite module. It contains various fun little games you can play with and enjoy, like coin flipping, a magic 8-ball, racing, and a special profession submodule for actions such as fishing and foraging, with more soon to come to combine all of them. Think of it like a miniature RPG inside Sigma, with an inventory system and over 200 items with unique descriptions.


Unfortunately I can't really describe this module group. It's functions that I couldn't sort into any of the other modules. Marking yourself as AFK, making polls and reminder, even getting HTTP status code information.


Kicking, banning, muting, purging text, warning people for stuff, everything a fellow moderator would need to keep the peace of their community. Moderator commands are logged to a desired logging channel if it's set up, you should refer to the settings category for that.


Ah, everyone's favorite feature for any Discord bot. Playing music. Sigma uses YTDL to grab her data, which allows her to support over 1040 websites/sources. It's music, really nothing more, but with a lot of compatibility.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...Do you really need an explanation for this module group? Lewd commands of various types, only allowed in channels marked as NSFW by Discord's internal toggle.


We have users that love Japanese, and learning japanese. So we have some commands that help them with that such as jisho to look up words and wanikani to show off their Wanikani statistics to the all-mighty Crabigator!


Sigma has an internal permission system that is server bound. You can disable commands and modules and keep them from being used, as well as make overrides for those that are disabled so a specific channel, role or user can access them. One thing to note is, users with the Administrator permission override permissions set by this command. As a safeguard so they don't lock themselves out.


The roles module allows you to control the role that is automatically assigned to newly joining members. And make roles self assignable if you need those for purposes such as verification to access the server.


Our pride and joy, the module group capable of searching for anything you'd like and want, from reddit subreddits to curry recipes, movies, songs, anime, manga, really whatever you want. Check out the full command list to know everything this module group has to offer.


Continuing the part of server moderation, these commands allow you to set specific things regarding your server such as name criteria, custom commands, word and invite filters, greeting and goodbye message controls, the logging channel for moderation commands, the bot's prefix (yes that's changeable) and if the tables should be automatically unflipped, my personal favorite.


Sigma has an internal currency and experience system, with these you can see how much Kud or XP someone has, including their profile showing which command they used the most, and leaderboards for Kud and XP.


Various commands for showing information about Discord objects, such as servers, users, channels, roles, population statistics, gaming statistics, avatars and server icons, IDs for objects, and the tech stats about the bot and it's machine, if you're interested in that as well.